Claralux is a part of a legacy that its father, Izreal Brown, left for us all to enjoy. This legendary figure lived a prolific life. He was a truly uncompromising individual whose social values made significant contributions to the foundation of west coast culture. What made this man extraordinary was his ability to stand up for those who were being taken advantage of. His selflessness, intellect, and libertarian philosophies are a massive part of what makes Claralux so special.         

Claralux is a premium all in one nutritional formula made from organic whole foods on a small scale. Our formula, created on Bowen Island, was originally designed as a medical product used to combat the effects of the neuro-degenerative diseases, Huntington's, Parkinson's and M.S. 

Exceptional consideration went into creating the ingredients list. We utilized traditional and modern medical philosophy from all parts of our planet. Then identified scientifically verified dosage level of each ingredient to deliver desired effects with each serving.

Claralux contains meaningful amounts of every nutrients known and supports every function of the body. The constituent foods also contain numerous beneficial compounds that make it a veritable chest of medicine. 

Clarlaux is for people who are serious about health and looking to gain a significant advantage through nutrition. It has no added flavoring, is raw, real, and completely uncompromising. Personally it is my greatest achievement in food. The incredible amount of care and attention that went into making this product is hard to describe. We made Claralux for ourselves and the people that we love. It is our contribution to the world, created with the purpose and intent to make lives better.

I hope you enjoy our product,

Eric Halstrom


Our Story

Presidio Mutiny

The following are major features of this product:

  • Mental Clarity

  • Stomach & Bowel

  • Energy & Stamina

  • Healing & Immune System

  • Meal Replacement/Weight Loss

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