About Us

Hello Humanity!

In 2015 I started EHF based on the idea that all my friends were getting hosed on health foods. My concept was to be able to bring people high quality foods at wholesale pricing. The last year has been an interesting journey. Since I started this business I have met many people with amazing products and realized that most people would rather purchase their health foods in small quantities. Personally I think this is madness. Its dried food, buy more, get a better price. Save your money for traveling with your sweetheart, or drinking alone. But I guess that is just me.  

I am happy to say that my original values still make up the base of my business but I must evolve. This year I am rolling out an online health foods marketplace that offers home delivery in Vancouver and dirt cheap shipping everywhere else in our ridiculously massive nation. You will see my no name health foods mixed in with awesome small scale brands primarily from Cascadia, a region better known as the "Pacific North West"

I will be offering pack sizes from 250g to 100kg and removed minimum orders. Retail, wholesale, whoever, whatever, whenever is the mantra for 2016.

In order to make your life better we are introducing monthly boxes that will fetch you a substantial discount. So if you are the health nut, the smoothie psycho, or the venerable vegan or any human who just can't get enough health foods we are going to spoil you rotten.  

The Savings Unicorn is back! The great unicorn collective grows stronger everyday. We will have fridge magnets and 3-D printed key chains for you to harass your friends with. We will be in every major market in B.C saying hi, handing these things out, and selling our products. I would like to put an Eric (offer home delivery) in each market in Western Canada by the end of 2017.

Well it promises to fantastic year so I hope to see you out there. Until then live well and never forget to eat like a king!

Eric Halstrom